“It is not an exaggeration to describe it as a magical evening.  I go to a lot of these events and I think it is fair to say last night will go down as one of the most memorable”.

Blaise Tapp, Communities Editor, Johnston Press South

“I didn’t imagine it would be such an amazing event. Feeling very good today to know Crawley has so many amazing people living here”.

2017 Nominee

“What an amazing night and what amazing people doing so many incredible things.  Quite an eye-opener and several Kleenex moments”.

John Meeks, Committee Member, Pound Hill North Residents Association

“Friday night was one that I will remember and cherish for many years to come”.

2017 Winner

“It was a wonderful evening. The entertainment was so good and it was such a pleasure to see the joy on the winners’ faces”.

Peter Mansfield-Clark, Crawley Council for Voluntary Service

“Many many thanks – we were so thrilled to win the award! We were so impressed with the organisation of the event and the turnout and diversity of groups on the night”.

2017 Winning Group

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